storyofsabrina (storyofsabrina) wrote,

Jibber is back

I think my brother is off exploring rdansky's office. It's very messy. He does that a lot, and then rdansky picks him up and brings him back in here, and then he runs off and does it again. He says it's a game they're playing. Anyway, I have some adventures to share with you.

We got to go "downstairs" again, though I wasn't sure I wanted to be out there. Here I am trying to go back to the room, but Mom wouldn't let me.

Once we got down there, Jabber explored one corner of the room. It was very tangly.

There were other people in the room with us and rdansky. cthulhim was there, and so was a little girl who played with us. rdansky's mom was there, too. She has a nice lap to sit in.

Eventually everyone went home, even us. Here I am outside the room. Sometimes I want to stay outside longer, but I know that I can't. Jabber runs and hides, but he always gets found. That's because he's dumb and always hides in the same place.

And I just want to say that even if he is a big pain sometimes and steals the shiny green mousie thingie and messes up the nest, I love my brother very much.

Oh well, sleepy time. Good night!
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