storyofsabrina (storyofsabrina) wrote,

Hi, Everyone! We're Back!

Here I am trying out this new thing called "climbing". That's rdansky's leg I'm hanging on to. He makes funny noises when I do this. I think they're supposed to be encouragement.

Here's Jibber studying Mom. Mom's sitting. Jibber's already pretty good at that, I think.

She also told me about this neat place called "The stairs"

Here we are in another new place, the sofa.

I liked the sofa a lot, but Jibber liked the funny pillows that were on the floor. I know that I'm colorblind, but these scare me anyway.

After a while, we got tired and rdansky took us back upstairs. He said that melindadansky wanted us to know that she missed us, and that we should snuggle up and go to sleep. Jibber was too excited to go to sleep for a while...

So I decided to try climbing again...

I don't think I'd ever heard rdansky use those words before. Anyway, he picked me up and put me on the bed, and said good night. So I guess I'll say good night, too.

Good night!

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