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The Story of Sabrina

Just a single mom, trying to make it.

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Sabrina was one of the favorite cats at the Durham Animal Shelter. She was so sweet-tempered, they used her as their "test kitty" to see which dogs would get along with cats. No matter what happened, Sabrina would stay calm, and she was always ready for snuggles from the staff. One day, she surprised everyone with two brand-new kittens. Sabrina was a little cat, but her two gray kittens were big and healthy. Even at a day old, the two gray kittens in the cage with her were almost as big as she was.

Shelters aren't really great for newborn kittens, and the Durham Animal Shelter was already short on room. A friend at work, who volunteers for them, heard me complaining about how I missed having kittens around all the time, and she suggested I become a "foster mother". For the next six weeks, Sabrina will stay with me and my fiance, and we get to watch her kittens grow up.

So do you.

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