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Hello, everyone. It's Jibber again, and we've been having all sorts of interesting adventures. But first, I have some news. rdansky sat us down today and told us that on Wednesday, Mommy is going to leave to go live with her new family. Jabber and I are both very excited for Mom, because the humans who are taking her are very nice, but we'll miss her very much. Rdansky says that he and melindadansky are trying very hard to find humans for us, too. If you know any humans who would want to take us home and give us a place to stay, please let rdansky and mthielbar know. I think they'd miss us, but they want us to be happy, and Jabber and I think that it might be best for us to grow up in a house where there aren't already a couple of cats.

Now, on to the pictures of our new adventures.

Rdansky took us back to the shelter so we could say hi to everyone on Friday. We traveled in interesting boxes. Mom's was squishy, so when she got out of it at home, I had to explore it.

The inside isn't very interesting, but it is comfortable:

And of course, Jabber saw what I was doing and had to come help out.

Jabber runs out of our room whenever rdansky opens the door now. He says he's going on patrol:

But Mom and I caught him playing with the feather thingies.

So Mom decided to teach us a lesson in proper pouncing technique. Isn't she talented?

I ended up just watching from up here. It's good to know that wherever Mom goes, she'll be good at pouncing.

That's all for now. Bye!
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