storyofsabrina (storyofsabrina) wrote,

Hello, everyone. It's Jabber, and I have some new pictures to share with you.

rdansky let us play in the big room again. That's lots of fun because there are plenty of toys in there. Some of them are even supposed to be toys, I think. Jibber found one that she really liked:

I found a cool place to watch her from, but Mom didn't think I should be up there.

Jibber ended up running all over the place. I chased her sometimes, and sometimes she chased me. Mostly, she just liked to scamper, though. She's really good at scampering.

We even played some Hide and Seek. Here she is counting to, umm, well, she can't actually count. Maybe that's why the game didn't go so well.

I ended up just sitting with Mom and watching Jibber run around.

Watching her run around has tired me out, so I'm going to go take a nap. Good night!
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