storyofsabrina (storyofsabrina) wrote,

Jibber's Turn Again


Hello, everyone. It's Jibber. Jabber is off doing something...actually, I'm not really sure what he's doing. He's making a lot of noise doing it, though, and I don't think that feather is ever going to bother anyone again.

Rdansky has been taking care of us, and today he let us spend some time in a new room. It was filled with exciting places to hide, like this one:

And this one:

Even Mom found some places to explore:

Meanwhile, Jabber had to go off and play by himself. He wanted to talk to one of the other lady cats who lives in the house. Here's what she looks like.

Jabber said that he said hello to her, and all she said was "Don't break anything, and if you touch the scratching post, you'll hear from my lawyer."  He says he just took a nap on the blue carpet, and didn't touch anything. Then again, you can never trust your little brother

But he can play in there. I like it in this room. I think I'll keep it.

Have a good night, everybody. I'll keep exploring, and I'll tell you what I find.



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