storyofsabrina (storyofsabrina) wrote,

Jabber Time

Hi, everyone. It's Jabber again, with more pictures of our adventures. The last couple of days haven't been very exciting, but we've been playing with rdansky in the mornings. He comes in to feed us, and we all play hide and seek all over the top floor of the house! It's very exciting.

Here's Jibber exploring one of her favorite hiding places:

He always finds her there pretty quick.

Here I am hiding behind the tall scratchy thing that makes neat noises:

Yesterday, rdansky decided that we could only play in one part of the house so he put up this gate. I'm not sure which side we're supposed to be on, though. Neither is Mom or Jibber.

They figured it out, though, and then Jibber tried to climb on top of Mom.

Me, I just liked staying home in the nest.


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