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We’ve Named the Kittens!

Two days and the pictures we posted last are already out of date. My boys have their eyes open, and you can tell they’re boys. We can’t take more pictures until their eyes are more used to the light--melindadansky is afraid the flash will hurt them if we take pictures too soon.

We’ve named them Jibber and Jabber, and they look so much alike, you can barely tell them apart. Jibber is slightly lighter gray, and Jabber is more active, but right now, that’s the only difference. Jabber keeps getting out of the nest. We’ve built a shelter out of pillows to keep him from getting lost, but he’s so determined! My boy is going to be a scrapper.

I’m so proud of them. They’re not even two weeks old, and they’re already trying to explore. I left the nest for a snack yesterday, and when I came back, they’d both moved out of the nest and onto the bed. When melindadansky saw them, she moved our nest to the floor because she was afraid the boys would wander off the edge of the bed. I know that was a good idea, but it feels so vulnerable on the floor. I know nothing can hurt my babies in here, but it still feels strange.

Jabber’s ears are open, too (I guess they can’t hear or see until they’re about two weeks old). melindadansky was talking to them last night, and I could see Jabber’s little ears moving while he listened to her voice. He’s so curious.

We met new friends comic_monkey and aetatis last night, too. They were so nice to us, I wasn’t a bit afraid of letting them hold my little boys. Jibber cried a little when they picked him up, but once comic_monkey held him for a while, he felt much better. Jibber sleeps a lot, but he eats a lot, too, so I guess he’s not sick. Poor guy. It’s hard work being so little.
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