storyofsabrina (storyofsabrina) wrote,

So much has happened! melindadansky has been sick, so she couldn't type for me, but I've been keeping track of everything that's happened.

The kittens have nearly doubled in size! They're moving around almost on their own, but they stumble a lot. We think they're both boys--we think. We have to wait another week before we know for sure. They'll have their eyes open then, too. Their eyes are already starting to open a little. You can see at the inside corners where they're open just a little bit.

I met rdansky this weekend, too. He is very nice. He even sits on the floor with me so we can rub noses. He brought my wet food the other night, even though it smells really bad to him.

Look at the Big Kittens!

He's not hissing. He's yawning. A mother can tell.
Cuddly Kittens
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