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The Story of Sabrina
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Date:2005-06-19 10:01

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Date:2005-06-15 23:42

Hello, everyone. It's Jabber, and I have some new pictures to share with you.

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Date:2005-06-12 22:26
Subject:Jibber's Turn Again

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Date:2005-06-10 08:50
Subject:Jabber Time

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Date:2005-06-07 01:27
Subject:Jibber is back

It's my turn againCollapse )

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Date:2005-06-05 23:54
Subject:Hi, Everyone! We're Back!

With lots of new pictures, too!Collapse )

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Date:2005-05-29 00:03
Subject:The return of Jabber

Hi, everyone. This is Jabber again. You'll never guess what we got to do!


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Date:2005-05-23 22:19
Subject:Jibber Comes Out

OK, I didn’t say anything at first because I didn’t want melindadansky to be embarrassed, but enough is enough.


Mommy knew. Jabber knew, but apparently melindadansky and rdansky aren’t very good at this boy/girl kitten thing because they kept calling me “he”. Then finally today, melindadansky said “Hey, Jibber has brown spots. Brown and white and gray -- only girl cats can be calicos.”

Well, duh!

Anyway, here are some pictures of the things we did tonight. melindadansky says it’s hard to take our pictures now because we move too fast, but what else are we supposed to do? It’s a big room, and we’re tiny.

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Date:2005-05-22 13:13

Hi, everyone! It's Jabber. Jibber is in his favorite hiding place between the big brown wooden thing and the other big wooden thing, so I'm going to show you what we've been up to in the last few days.

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Date:2005-05-16 21:11
Subject:Jibber's Turn

Hi. I'm Jibber. Mom says that Jabber has to let me have a turn, so I'm going to show some of the other things we've been doing.

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Date:2005-05-15 01:01
Subject:Mom's Not Looking So It's My Turn!

Hi everybody! It's Jabber! Mom is busy playing with some stupid fuzzy thing that rdansky bought her, so I'm gonna say hi!

Jibber says he doesn't know why, but he wants to chase the thing Mom is playing with. Jibber can be kind of weird sometimes.
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Date:2005-05-09 17:01
Subject:Their Eyes Are Open!

And they're such little explorers!

Jibber is a snuggler. Whenever melindadansky or rdansky picks him up, he just snuggles into their hands and purrs. He even nuzzles their fingers when they scritch him.

Jibber, the LoverCollapse )

Jabber won't stay in the nest. We had to put a pillow at the front to keep him in, and he gets a little better at climbing it every day. Soon, there will be no stopping him. Whenever he's picked up, he squawks to be put down. Then, he yells because he's in the nest all by himself. Rascal!

Jabber, the FighterCollapse )

I'm camera-shy, but melindadansky caught me on film anyway!

Sabrina, the MommyCollapse )

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Date:2005-05-06 15:20
Subject:Other cats?

There are other kitties here! I tried to leave my room so we could play, but melindadansky says we have to wait until my kittens are bigger so they can be left alone.

My babies are still growing. They eat and sleep and sometimes stumble around mewing. They are so adorable. We will post pictures when their eyes are all the way open.

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Date:2005-05-05 13:41
Subject:We’ve Named the Kittens!

Two days and the pictures we posted last are already out of date. My boys have their eyes open, and you can tell they’re boys. We can’t take more pictures until their eyes are more used to the light--melindadansky is afraid the flash will hurt them if we take pictures too soon.

We’ve named them Jibber and Jabber, and they look so much alike, you can barely tell them apart. Jibber is slightly lighter gray, and Jabber is more active, but right now, that’s the only difference. Jabber keeps getting out of the nest. We’ve built a shelter out of pillows to keep him from getting lost, but he’s so determined! My boy is going to be a scrapper.

I’m so proud of them. They’re not even two weeks old, and they’re already trying to explore. I left the nest for a snack yesterday, and when I came back, they’d both moved out of the nest and onto the bed. When melindadansky saw them, she moved our nest to the floor because she was afraid the boys would wander off the edge of the bed. I know that was a good idea, but it feels so vulnerable on the floor. I know nothing can hurt my babies in here, but it still feels strange.

Jabber’s ears are open, too (I guess they can’t hear or see until they’re about two weeks old). melindadansky was talking to them last night, and I could see Jabber’s little ears moving while he listened to her voice. He’s so curious.

We met new friends comic_monkey and aetatis last night, too. They were so nice to us, I wasn’t a bit afraid of letting them hold my little boys. Jibber cried a little when they picked him up, but once comic_monkey held him for a while, he felt much better. Jibber sleeps a lot, but he eats a lot, too, so I guess he’s not sick. Poor guy. It’s hard work being so little.

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Date:2005-05-03 21:24
Subject:More Pictures

melindadansky says some of you are on "dial-up" and we can't post too many kitten pictures at once. I want you to see how cute they are, though, so here are more:
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Date:2005-05-03 21:19

So much has happened! melindadansky has been sick, so she couldn't type for me, but I've been keeping track of everything that's happened.

The kittens have nearly doubled in size! They're moving around almost on their own, but they stumble a lot. We think they're both boys--we think. We have to wait another week before we know for sure. They'll have their eyes open then, too. Their eyes are already starting to open a little. You can see at the inside corners where they're open just a little bit.

I met rdansky this weekend, too. He is very nice. He even sits on the floor with me so we can rub noses. He brought my wet food the other night, even though it smells really bad to him.

Look at how big they've grown!Collapse )

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Date:2005-04-28 00:05
Subject:Today's Lesson

Well, I found out something new today.

There are three things mother cats like me have to do for kittens: 1) Keep them warm, 2) Feed them, and 3) Make sure they stay clean.

I had the feeding and warming part down, but I found out today that staying clean is a little messier than I thought. I mean, it's not like tiny baby kittens can use the litterbox. Wet wipes and diapers aren't really an option when you don't have thumbs. What's a mommy cat to do?

I love my kittens very, very much. I would have to, wouldn't I?

Say it with me: "It's fun to be a mommy. It's fun to be a mommy. It's fun to be..."

I'm so tired.

Aren't they cute? Is it no wonder that I love them so?Collapse )

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Date:2005-04-27 13:17
Subject:All Settled In

Finally, my nursery is just the way I want it. melindadansky was really nice and made use a place on the floor, but that seemed silly with a perfectly good bed sitting right there. I tried to put the pillows the way I wanted them, but it was hard to do without thumbs. Luckily, melindadansky came in and saw what I was doing. She put everything just right, and even moved my other baby to the nest for me. Wow. Kittens are heavy. I don’t know what I’ll do in a week!

Baby kittens sure eat a lot.

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Date:2005-04-26 23:12
Subject:Hi, Everybody!

I'm supposed to say how I got here. I don't know how I got here. There was a car and some weird smells, and a nice lady I didn't know at the time telling me it was OK and we'd be home soon. Right then, though, we were leaving the animal shelter, and to me that was home.

I started out as a stray cat. It was hard to be by myself, though. It was really cold this winter, and I couldn't find enough food. That's why I'm so small. Lucky for me, though, someone saw me out by myself and thought I should be where people could take care of me. The took me to the APS of Durham. The people at the Durham animal shelter were really nice. They let me play with the doggies and sit on people's laps. They scratched me behind my ears while I purred, but there was something I didn't tell them.

The cat was out of the bag when they found me in my cage one morning with my two new babies. A shelter is no place for little ones, so my new friends melindadansky and rdansky said I could live with them while my babies were growing up. melindadansky brought me to her house today. It's nice, and there is a lot of room for me and my kittens. I miss my friends at the shelter, though, and I'm so used to having lots of cats around me, it feels really lonely by myself. I sat on melindadansky's lap a lot tonight, but I still feel sad.

My kittens make me happy, though. They're only a few days old, but I already love them. Gray all over and sweet as can be, they're already almost as big as I am. I'm such a little cat, though, that's still not very big at all.

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